River Road Hockey Video — You Can’t Fool Me – Ice vs Bears 28/06/2014

The Ice played the Sydney Bears on the weekend – they also played the Bears a couple of  games ago!  That earlier game proved that a champion team will always beat a team of champions, but I’m not sure if I’d call the Sydney Bears a champion team just yet.  The Ice, though, are certainly a team of champions – and they played like it.

River Road Hockey Video — The Reset Game – Ice vs Mustangs 05/06/2014

In the second of our catch-up series, this post gets released much later than expected.  Damn Ice beating the Brave in a shoot-out ….

RRH S1 E9 – The Ice take on the Mustangs in a mid-week cross-town derby, and the results are exactly as the Hockey Gods predicted (with the help of some rudimentary statistical work).  Recorded June 7, 2014.